Bacchus and The Little Ones

Statue of Bacchus in the Old Town.

Zielona Góra (Grünberg in German and Green Mountain in English) is located smack in the middle between Berlin and Poznań. It’s history dates back to XIII century and it’s a long and winding one. Continue reading


Our Place



Many any of you have asked us how we settled down and asked for some photos.  Here are few shots of our place. If you like it, come and visit!

First, living and dining area.image


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We are in Poland!

It’s been over a week here. And it’s been busy!
I will spare you all the details of the mundane stuff, but to be short: we have obtained a health insurance, set up a bank account, cable TV and Internet, cell phone numbers, signed a lease on an apartment and have done a lot of shopping for the basic items. Continue reading